Water dispensers for bakeries since 1987

All over the world

High performance

High Technology

Adaptation to each client

Since 1987

We design, manufacture and market worldwide

In APEIPAM, we design, manufacture and market worldwide, water dispensers for bakeries.

Day by day, we improve our manufacturing processes, introducing total quality methods in the production systems, always offering the best quality, and the highest performance.

Our dispensers are controlled by high-tech electronics. A powerful system based on microcontroller allows to obtain a high precision in the process of dosage, offering great performances and high reliability, in all the models.

We manufacture small and large series with our own brand, or with the brand requested, adapted to the needs of each client.

We have models with thermometer, with manual mixer and with automatic mixer. To measure in any unit of volume, liters, gallons, etc.

Manufacturing process


Electronics assembly station

The components are inserted into the printed circuits, soldered, and checked

Piping assembly according to model

Meters, solenoid valves, filters, mixers are assembled and installed in the corresponding models

Programming and dry test station

Assembled and assembled, the microprocessor is incorporated into them, and it is verified that it correctly performs all its functions.

Water checkpoint

Finished and ready to run on water. It is checked in a closed water circuit, that there are no leaks and that the water and temperature measurements are correct.

Packaging and shipping

They are cleaned and fitted to be sent in perfect condition to any part of the world that requests them

List of templates

An extensive catalogue

Model 20

Automatic dispenser with thermometer

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Model 25

Automatic dispenser with thermometer

View catalog

Model 30

Automatic dispenser with separate control and piping

View catalog

Model 40

Automatic dispenser with piping and separate control with thermometer

View catalog

Model 50

Automatic dispenser with manual water mixer and thermometer

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Model 60

Automatic dispenser with atomatic water mixer and thermometer

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Stainless steel model for food liquids

Automatic dispenser with oval wheel counter and pneumatic valve in stainless steel

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Model 10i

Automatic dispenser

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Model 20i

Automatic dispenser with thermometer

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Model 50i

Automatic thermometer dispenser and manual mixer

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Model 60i

Dispenser with thermometer and automatic mixer

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